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Place of Birth : Belgaum, Karnataka, India
Date of Birth : 10 September 1965
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Atul Kulkarni Filmography

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Atul Kulkarni PROFILE

Atul Kulkarni made his first stage appearance as a young boy, while he was still in school. A young prodigy, Atul took his passion for acting further, and joined Natya Aradhana, an amateur theatre group in Solapur. Years of serious theatre ignited his passion further, and feeling the need for a formal training he decided to enrol at the National School of Drama in New Delhi. And at the age of 30, Atul set out to become a professional actor. But he made up for lost time with a blink of an eye, as since 1995, Atul has acted in 8 plays in 4 languages, 26 films in 6 languages and has won several awards, including Two National Awards. Highly acclaimed for his role in Chandni Bar, Satta, Khakee and as the quintessential crime reporter in Page 3, Atul has yet again brought his exemplary style to Rang De Basanti, where he plays Laxman Pandey, the fundamentalist in the group of the six youngsters, and the only one who still believes that politics can make the world a better place.

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