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Place of Birth : Uttarakhand, India
Date of Birth : 16 September 1971
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Prasoon Joshi PROFILE

Acclaimed Ad guru Prasoon Joshi is no stranger to the world of lyric writing. With chartbusting albums like 'Ab ke Sawaan' for Shubha Mudgal and Boondein for Silk Route, hit feature film songs like 'Gustakhiyan Hain' of Anakhen and the title song for Raj Kumar Santsohi’s 'Lajja', Prasoon has left his indelible mark on all these works of art. Add to this the success of 'Hum Tum' and you realize the versatility of this gifted lyricist. As tribute to his talent, Prasoon was awarded the SCREEN Best Lyricist Award in 2005 for the title Song 'Sanso me' from 'Hum Tum'. Then came Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s masterpiece, Black, where Prasoon penned the lone song in the movie. A prodigious task in itself, because trying to capture the mindset and experiences of a deaf blind and mute girl into words was expectedly, an extremely complex task. A lot of sensitivity was called in for, which is echoed beautifully in the song “haan maine choo kar dekha hai”. And with his latest project, Rang De Basanti, with ample creative license from Rakyesh Mehra, Prasoon and AR Rehman have collaborated to simply create magic this time around, where the songs beautifully reflect the myriad shades and moods of the movie. Then be it the robust pulsating title song to a sonorous 'Roobaroo', a mellifluous 'Tu Bin baataye' to a rousing 'Lalkaar', Rang De Basanti traverses varied musical and lyrical landscapes.

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