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Place of Birth : Punjab, India
Date of Death : 15 August 2012
Place of Death : Mumbai, India
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Ashok Mehta PROFILE

Ashok Mehta ran away from home and school in Delhi, in the 70s to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. However, on arriving, he realized that life here was a struggle. And he saw no point in returning home empty handed. So he started off as a canteen boy, worked as a hawker, a lightman and finally a camera attendant, before he finally became a cameraman.

No FTII course groomed this award winning cinematographer, who also turned director.His firend, Raj Marbros made a film called "Witness" in 1974 with Shashi Kapoor, Rakhi and Utpal Dutt but the film never saw daylight. In the film, Mehta worked as a cameraman. At the same time Aparna Sen was looking for a cinematographer for "36 Chowrangee Lane" and Shashi Kapoor recommended Mehta. After Sen saw his work in "Witness" she signed him up. That is how Ashok Mehta had his first tryst with recognition.

He turned dircetor with "Moksh", whose story was written by Raj Marbros in 1981.

In February 2012, Ashok was admitted as he was ailing from lung cancer and had been critically ill since then. Ashok Mehta breathed last on 15 August 2012.

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