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Anuj Sawhney, began his career by modeling for almost 24 commercials for various brands like Reid and Taylor Suiting, Fiat Siena, Nokia Phones, Seagram's Whiskey, Raymond's, Cadburys Eclairs, Kodak films, Yamaha Crux R, Agni Jewellery, Electrolux, Sahara etc and has acted in 5 music videos. Originally from Delhi, Sawhney has an MBA from Vanderbilt University in the US. He has also done 3 years of theatre under Barry John at the National School of Drama, the Repertoire Company and a group called Act I. He began his film career by working with a banner like Neha Arts, which in itself is a prestigious opportunity. He has already completed three films, namely iDream Production's "Naina", Kalpana Lajmi's "Chingaari", and an english film called "Brides Wanted". For a new comer he has definitely achieved quite a bit.

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